T he exibition presents over 150 works of the great Spanish masters of our century, who where the leading artists of Surrealism. The exhibition centers on Miró and Dalí, who were amongst the great promoters of Surealism and Picasso who contributed to the Surrealist ideas, participating in the first Surrealist exhibition of 1924.
T ogether with these prestigious artists of our century, there are numerous other Spanish Surrealists, not only those who worked in France and soon became famous, but also those who remained in Spain and are only now being rediscovered.
T ogether with the work of Miró, Dalí and Picasso you can admire the works of Carbonell, Clavé, Dominguez, Lamolla, Gonzalez, Granell, Planells, Ponce de Leon, Rodriguez Luna and 50 other artists of amazing expressive quality.
T his exhibition is important for its artistic and scientific aspects and the novelty of the works exhibited, which have never been seen before in Italy. It will contribute to deepen the historical-critical reflection on Surealism in general and in particular on the extraordinary results of Spanish art. It will also show for the first time in Italy an exhaustive over view of Spanish culture that had much to contribure with European civilization. It is noted that Surrealism, risen around its theorician André Breton, opened Modern thought towards the subconscious, dreams and profound territories of the "self", which gave much to painting, cinema, literature, from Garcia Lorca (who has many pastels present in the exhibition) to Buñuel, Ionesco and Fellini.